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Saw blade recommendations
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In addition to the factors which affecting the cutting quality and life of saw blade, there are many external factors influence and restrict the use of the blade when it during work, for which the following recommendations are given in order to ensure complete use of blade:
1. Effect of flange on the fixing of saw blade
Flange is the only part contact with blade when fixing, if the flange surface impurities particles, roughness or improperly installed will cause the blade shaking when cutting, thus affecting the cutting quality.
It is important to check the condition of the flange surface before use and adjust it as necessary. By performing this task regularly and consistently, many processing problems can be avoid:
a. Before installing new blade on the flange, wipe the surface of the flange.
b. Checking the flange surface regularly, ensure the flange is always with a high accuracy.
2. Effect of different cutting methods on the blade
Jig Singulation: Using a vacuum chuck fixed the package and allowing blade has a greater amount of penetration during cutting, it is possible to improve the cutting quality by radial compensation method.
Tape Singulation:Because the influence of film thickness, which affected the blade allowing cutting depth, so the blade needs a higher wear resistance to maintain the stable cutting quality.
3. Dressing
When a blade is first placed on the spindle, there is a gap between the blade and spindle; which cause the blade off-center. Before cutting, a precut should be performed with the same material as that of the actual work piece. The purpose of precutting is to expose the grit fully and adjust the blade edge shape, to ensure the cutting quality.
4. Pre-adaptation period
Diamond blade in the initial cutting must go through a process of pre-adaptation period, during which the loss rate instability, the resin bond blade is 100m, and metal bond blade is about 300m. After pre-cutting, the diamond fully exposed, also the blade and flange cutter concentricity keep stability, as a result remain steady cutting state.

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