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IC China 2015 - level billions of IC industry
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    Once a year in the electronic information industry an unprecedented event, "ICChina2015" will be with the same period of the 86th session of the China electronics, 2015 Asian electronics show held at Shanghai new international expo center, at the same place and the formation of electronic information industry chain all interaction, there are 50000 professional buyers expected. ICChina2015 focusing on IC and MEMS in the Internet of things, cloud computing, wearable electronics, automotive electronics, medical electronics, portable consumer electronics field application of the latest achievements. The whole system, provider, distributors and semiconductor enterprises gathered, and seek common development.
    China international semiconductor exposition and peak BBS after 13 years of development, has become a global semiconductor industry event has certain influence. ICChina for engaged in integrated circuit and sensor design, chip processing, assembly, semiconductor equipment, semiconductor materials, semiconductor discrete device manufacturers at home and abroad and the latest achievements in enterprises and institutions set up a display, make product brand platform. Focus on industrial policy, covering "system innovation, model innovation, technology innovation" content such as the height of the BBS and workshop, an excellent reputation and popularity in the industry.
    China semiconductor industry association, deputy director Chen hsien, "has been the national industry is defined as the strategic development of China's semiconductor industry development needs industry professionals work together and down-to-earth efforts, hope everybody many use ICChina such national exhibition platform, promote exchanges, common development."
    Chen Wenhai China electronics corporation deputy general manager, said "the ICChina exhibition will close to the industry development trend and hotspot application area, with the 'application driven, rapid development" as the theme, invited from design, manufacture, testing, materials, equipment, and other fields of excellent semiconductor companies at home and abroad, visit the exposition, and elaborate organization al sensing, wisdom city, automotive electronics, medical electronics, wearable emerging industries such as electronics and mobile terminal display and related topics BBS activities, promote' system applications - - special equipment, semiconductor materials' development of whole industry chain."
    In addition, will be gathered during national authoritative media, the local media, professional media, such as more than 50, in-depth reports show, media attention to upsurge. Then, several leading the whole machine, design, manufacturing executives, as well as the industry policy leaders will, in turn, appearance, from technology development trends and hot topics such as policy conditions fall to the ground.
    My company in the exhibition booth number is # 5 c027 booth, please visit!

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