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Instead of Japan, China semiconductor into America's first mind
To view:494  date:2015/10/26 11:51:02
    Well-known research company in the United States Thomson Reuters published this year in the technological innovation in 2015 report, in the past ten years (2004-2014), the relevant papers in the field of semiconductor, Chinese academy of sciences in 6425 youths topped, second is almost 1 times that of the Russian academy of sciences. This report also has been the state intellectual property office of the quoted, it reflects the present situation of our country's innovation of semiconductor.
    For the key technology, wrote the Japanese economic news, Fujitsu held, vice President of fat yobo, according to the semiconductor industry in the United States now, "China challenge" has become a consensus.
    In June, smic, huawei, qualcomm joint venture, such as research and development of the top 14 nm semiconductor process, in July, purple light to meguiar's offer, spent nearly $23 billion, negotiation is still in the consultation stage.
    In general, in the national integrated circuit industry fund set up last year, China's semiconductor began on the new level.
    The nikkei also points out that once, the putative foe was "Japan" of the American in the semiconductor industry, we also know that in the 70 s and 70 s, Japan in CRT TV, video tape recorder and CD music players and other electronic products field has an overwhelming advantage, the Japanese semiconductor market scale even accounted for 40% of global semiconductor market.

    But then the japan-american semiconductor agreement is signed, the Japanese in the key position in the field of semiconductor such as DRAM gradually overtaken by other countries. In the same way, the future is expected to IT and tension in the field of high technology between China and the United States will also further warming. Around China and the United States advanced technology in the game will bring so much influence on Japan's industry.

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