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    Superior cutting ability, stable cutting quality, good ability to adapt, fine cutting demanding conditions of high quality Cutting long life high efficiency of high cost performance, economy Professional cutting, Sink down and focus on industry demand Product introduction:
    By activated sintering technology, the strong hold of diamond grains matrix, and the mechanical properties and through to the substrate of reasonable regulation and allow constantly outcropped and continuous self-sharpening diamond, enough to ensure that matrix wear resistance, on the basis of giving full play to the function of diamond cutting.
    The product has different shapes (straight knife, oblique knife and slot) and different specifications (2 inch, 3 inch) series, is suitable for the IC packaging devices (BGA, QFN, LTCC) monomers of fine cutting, hard and brittle materials (ceramics, glass, ferrite) cutting and grooving.
    According to the processing object, working condition of online, and the different cutting quality, custom pattern is adopted to improve the pertinence of design and professional precision manufacturing, to ensure the chip under the premise that the cutting quality is stable and consistent, effective to improve the service life and cutting efficiency of saw products.

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